How to use AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 Kit: High Sensitivity Interleukin 6 ELISA Detection ?

Our ELISA kits provide researchers with the essential tools needed for quantitative measurement.

The AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 Kit uses Sandwich enzyme immunoassay.

What is AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 Kit ?

The AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 Kit, developed by Affinity Biologicals, is designed for the measurement of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels in hamster samples using the Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) technique.

How to use this kit ?
1. Preparation: Ensure that all the required materials and reagents for the ELISA assay are ready. This may include the kit components such as microplate wells, standards, controls, detection antibodies, wash buffer, substrate, and stop solution. It's important to read and understand the instructions provided by Affinity Biologicals specific to the AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 Kit.
2. Standard and sample preparation: Prepare a series of standard dilutions by reconstituting the provided standard and diluting it with the appropriate diluent. Similarly, prepare the hamster samples by diluting them with the sample diluent as per the kit instructions. The dilutions may vary based on the expected IL-6 concentration in the samples.
3. Plate setup: Add the standards and samples, as well as positive and negative controls, to the appropriate wells of the microplate according to the provided instructions. Be sure to label the wells properly.
4. Incubation: Incubate the plate at a specified tempe tetsrature for a specific period of time, allowing IL-6 in the standards, samples, and controls to bind to the immobilized antibodies in the microplate wells. This step facilitates the formation of IL-6 antibody complexes.
5. Washing: After the incubation, wash the microplate wells thoroughly with the provided wash buffer to remove any unbound substances and debris. Repeat this step several times to ensure proper washing.
6. Detection: Add the detection antibody specific for IL-6 to the wells and incubate the plate again. This detection antibody typically carries an enzyme that will produce a colorimetric or fluorescent signal upon reaction with IL-6.
7. Washing: Wash the plate again to remove any unbound detection antibody.
8. Substrate addition: Add the substrate solution to the wells, which will react with the enzyme-conjugated detection antibody to generate a color or fluorescence signal. The intensity of the signal is proportional to the amount of IL-6 present in the sample.
9. Stop reaction: After a specific incubation period, stop the enzyme reaction by adding the provided stop solution. This step halts the color or fluorescence development.
10. Measurement: Use a microplate reader to measure the absorbance or fluorescence of each well at the appropriate wavelength. The readings are compared to the standard curve generated using the known IL-6 concentrations to determine the IL-6 levels in the samples.
How many tests can we do by a kit ?

With one kit of AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 , we can do 96 tests.

How much is AffiELISA® Hamster IL6 kit ? 

ELISA® Hamster IL6 kit costs €348,00 EUR.